Adriakaim, Inc.

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Company Information

Company Information

Company Name Adriakaim Inc.
Representative Masatoshi Kobayashi Representative Director and President Profile
Directors Hiroyuki Imabayashi Director Profile
Tsutomu Abe Director Profile
Yosuke Matsufuji External Director Profile
Mikiro Kawahara External Director Profile
Tetsuo Hisada Auditor Profile
Takashi Sekiguchi Auditor Profile
Date Established November 22, 2018
Business Activities Planning, research, design, development, manufacturing, and sales of medical/healthcare-related devices
Consulting services and R&D support projects for medical/healthcare-related devices and management/technology strategies
Licenses/Registrations Registered Medical Device Manufacturer: 13BZ201372
Capital 243.19 million JPY (as of June 2020)
No. of Employees 7
Address Hachioji Fiber Center Bldg. STE 101, MAP
13-1 Minamishincho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, Japan 192-0075
Tel/Fax Tel.042-686-0777 / Fax.042-686-0777

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