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The World’s First “Nerve Stimulation Treatment”, Made in Japan

Adriakaim’s Work to Control Heart Failure

Of the approximately 80,000 people in Japan each year who develop acute myocardial infarction, approximately 23,000 are said to develop chronic heart failure. Adriakaim aims to suppress the onset of chronic heart failure through application of a vagus nerve stimulation device developed using its proprietary technology. Realization of such a technology is thought to not only extend the healthy life expectancy of patients, but also reduce medical expenses. We are taking on the challenge of developing new technologies for a future where a possible pandemic of heart failure cases is a concern.

Create Novel Treatments with Unique Technology Platforms
The vagus nerve stimulation device currently being developed by Adriakaim applies the world’s first therapeutic technology based on a new concept researched at the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center.
It is a “people-friendly” treatment modality that can obtain a high therapeutic effect by applying a very weak electrical stimulus to a specific organ.
This is a treatment that could not be realized with conventional drugs, and is expected to prevent chronic heart failure in the future.

Development Network

Approximately 23,000 people develop chronic heart failure each year in Japan following life-saving procedures
Adriakaim, in collaboration with the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, specializes in medical device research, development, and business design, and strives to cultivate and promote business among a strong network of open innovators with many external experts.